I’m Simon LeClerc, a guitarist from a band called Blood Flowerz. I first started the band up with a couple of mates from school, we used to mess around in music lessons and after that, we started jamming at each other’s houses, which annoyed our parents so much. We were originally from Bristol but have since moved to London to try and kickstart our music careers. I decided to start this blog as a side hobby dedicated to the thing I am most passionate about Music but I will also be sharing some of my insights on photography and music too. My band makes rock music not that dissimilar to the Kinks and bands like that, however, my blog is going to be about all music because as a musician I do enjoy a variable amount of music.

A bit more on my background would be that I was born in France and grew up there until I was 5-years-old. My dad is French and my mum is English so they decided to move over to England so mum could spend more time with her family and friends. I had guitar lessons from the age of 10 and I am now in my early 20’s so I have been playing for a little over 10 years and there is really nothing else I want to be doing for the rest of my life. This blog is just a bit of fun to tie me over whilst I practice for gigs and work my part-time job, it is a way to keep my creative juices flowing and inspire others to play music for their wellness and happiness.

This blog is not going to be a recount of my personal experiences but is more of a factual page to help people learn and develop their knowledge of the topics that I have chosen to write about. After all there is nothing better than the power of inspiration.