Up And Coming Musical Artists To Keep An Eye On

It’s no secret that when it comes to music artists, there are tons of talented musicians out there waiting to make their mark. All you need to do is read the wide array of music news (check this out here) that is online to learn more about these talented musicians waiting in the wings. But sometimes, it’s hard to know who these artists are or where they’re coming from. We’ve compiled a list of the most promising up-and-coming musical artists that we think you should keep an eye on.

In 2019, we had big names like Kendrick Lamar and Stormzy make huge waves when they announced brand new albums. This year has been no different, with releases from artists like Travis Scott, Young Thug, Eminem, and YG. However, we can’t ignore the newcomers who have been quietly working their way up the charts. So, to help you keep your ears to the ground, here are the artists on the verge of breaking out in a big way in the near future.

Let’s find out some of the most promising new musicians to keep an eye on. Some of them are already making waves in today’s contemporary scene, while others have just recently released their first album. We hope that you enjoy reading about these up-and-coming musicians as much as we enjoyed compiling this list!

As we start the new year of 2021, there are a few artists who are making waves around the music world and have caught the attention of many industry insiders and fans alike. Some of these artists include:

Kacey Musgraves – she began her career as a songwriter and backup vocalist for country music artists before releasing her first album in 2013. The songwriter’s first single from the album, “Merry Go Round,” reached number one on the US Billboard Hot Country Songs chart and was certified Platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). As of 2018, she has sold over 7 million albums worldwide. Musgraves received four nominations at the 56th Annual Grammy Awards for Album of the Year, Best New Artist, Best Country Solo Performance, and Best Country Song for “Merry Go Round.”

Shawn Mendes – For his last album, Shawn Mendes collaborated with several artists for a diverse sound. He also released two singles that were accompanied by music videos, which are in high demand on YouTube. She is an up-and-coming pop sensation who has already garnered a large fan following through his recent song “In My Blood” that reached the top spot on the iTunes charts in over 25 countries, including America and Canada.

Arin Ray – is a new music artist from Atlanta who is popularizing the use of AI as an artist. He makes music by combining melodies and lyrics that are generated by AI with the original melodies he has written. The 25-year-old musician has made a name for himself as an acoustic singer-songwriter. Since he first started posting videos of his acoustic covers on YouTube in 2010, he has amassed over 17 million views and is one of the most popular artists on the platform.

Billie Eilish – is a 19-year-old singer-songwriter who began her career with the release of her debut single “Ocean Eyes.” Billie has a simple yet powerful voice that takes listeners on a journey of emotions. Her music can be classified as indie pop, folk, and electronic. Eilish’s first EP came out in 2017 and was followed by her debut album “Don’t Smile Now,” which won Best Pop Vocal Album at The 57th Annual Grammy Awards in 2019.

Doja Cat – is an American musician, singer, songwriter, record producer, and rapper. She has released three mixtapes since 2014. Her debut album “Amala” was released in April 2017 and has received positive reviews from critics. She is a protégé of Angel Haze and a member of the rap collective TeamDirtySouls.

Olivia Rodrigo – is the pop singer that has everyone talking. Her music is known for its catchy lyrics and powerful vocals. She started as a YouTube sensation and now has 3 albums with over 9 million views on YouTube. She rose to fame through her song, “Hello.” This song has been seen over 5 million times, and she has nearly 900k subscribers on YouTube. She transforms the traditional boy-meets-girl narrative into a pioneering exploration of both sexual identities. Many admirers have been looking for Olivia Rodrigo’s beginnings since she became a household figure with her smash tune Drivers License. With some admirers claiming she is Portuguese since her surname, Rodrigo has a Portuguese ring to it, and others feeling she is Spanish, olivia rodrigo ethnicity has been a source of contention for a long time.

As we continue through 2021, some of the most promising new music artists to keep an eye on are those who have their eyes set on the future. The future of creativity and music is a good thing for any aspiring artist.







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