Photographing The City: Dos and Don’ts

As a photographer, you know that a good picture can capture an entire city in a single frame. But, how do you photograph the city you want, and what are some of the best tips you should follow to get your city photos to be as good as you want? One of the challenges of having a camera in hand is to capture the environment that surrounds us properly. The fast pace of our lives, the hustle and bustle of the city we live in, the point of view, and the need to keep our hands free all play a significant role in the way we photograph. So, here is a little guide on Dos and Don’ts how you can capture the city in all the different ways that we do.

Dos in City photography

• Ask permission

There are so many things we do in our daily lives that we don’t think twice about. To be sure, most of the time, these things are not harmful, but they can be. One such activity that you wouldn’t think twice can be illegal, but that is no reason not to follow the rules. So, take photos in public places. Don’t use flash when taking photos. Don’t photograph people without their permission. Don’t photograph in the middle of the street. Also, don’t use your cell phone to take photos. These are only some things you should follow to protect yourself from getting in trouble with the law.

• Capture the details

The city is a very important location to photograph. But it is not only the buildings and the streets that make The City. It is the people, the traffic, the life, and the atmosphere. There are few things better than taking a photograph of a city. After all, the experts say that creating a “memory” is the hardest task humans have invented. The streets, the people, the smell, the way the light changes throughout the day and these are the things that make cities so magical.

• Capture the touristy

What do you do on your holidays? Do you catch the touristy stuff (like food and architecture), or do you try to capture a glimpse of the local life that’s always going on? As a tourist in any given city, you may never be able to get a true sense of the culture that’s going on behind the scenes.

• Use White balance

There are many ways to photograph cities: from taking shots of the skyline to street photography and even street art. However, many of us are unaware of how to use the white balance in our DSLR cameras properly. This short article will explain how to use the built-in white balance settings on your camera and whether to shoot with Auto or Manual.

Don’ts in City photography

• Do not Overpack

There’s a big difference between packing just enough and packing too much. We often make the mistake of packing our bags way too full, which makes it hard to fit all our stuff in and makes us feel like we need to bring even more. As the name suggests, over packing is packing more than what you’ll need for an overnight or weekend trip. While it may seem like a great idea to save money and be prepared for anything, the truth is, packing for every possibility is not only expensive but can also lead to unnecessary stress and annoyance.

• Do not take sneaky photographs

Photography is a wonderful thing. Not only do you get to look at pretty things all day, but if you really want to, you can take them with you and look at them whenever you want. But is that always a good idea? Not everyone’s a photographer. And in that case, if you want to take a sneaky photograph, be aware that you’re breaking the law.

This is very much the case in the UK, where the law states that you must not take a photo of people in public places without their consent. This means that someone may challenge you if you’re taking a photo of them without permission, forcing you to remove the photo. So, as a wise man once said, “Don’t take sly photographs.”

Taking beautiful photos of your city should be a piece of cake if you follow a few simple rules and have a little patience. But there are also some things to watch out for, so you get the best pictures possible.








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